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So, what really happened?


On August 23, 2023, M Street was set up in the bar/restaurant of Cook's Corner. We started playing at about 6:30. During our fourth song, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac, a crazed killer walked in and began shooting, first at his ex-wife and then indiscriminately around the room. Three people perished, six more were injured, some exceedingly so. Two of those that were shot are members of M Street. Guitarist &Vox, Ed Means and Bassist and Vox, Dave Stretch. Fortunately, they both recovered incredibly fast with no lingering physical damage. Others were not nearly so fortunate. Their names are reflected above. There are many articles addressing this awful night. We have placed links to a few of them below. Our hearts continue to go out to all of those so horribly affected by one person's insanity. And yes, the crazed gunman was taken down by the OC Sheriffs.

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